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  Aero EXTRA
Duo Works

Optimized Strength and Fatigue

Most applicable for Carbon Wheels




    Dia. 2.0-0.8*2.1-2.0    Normal hub        
  Aero330 : 3.3 g



    Dia.2.0-0.85*2.1-2.0    Normal Hub            
  Aero360 : 3.6 g



    Dia. 2.0-0.9*2.2-2.0   Normal hub       
  Aero424 : 4.1 g



    Dia.2.0-1.0*2.2-2.0    Normal Hub          
  Aero416 : 4.51 g



    Dia.2.0-1.1*2.2-2.0    Normal Hub      
  Aero417 : 5.00 g



    Dia.2.0-1.2*2.2-2.0     Normal Hub          
  Aero418 : 5.5 g



    Dia.1.8-1.0*2.2-1.8    Normal Hub          
  Aero565 : 4.35 g





    Dia. 2.3-1.5*2.3-2.0    Normal Hub         
  Bravo374 : 6.56 g



    Dia. 2.3-1.2*3.0-2.0    Aero hub required 
   Bravo394 : 6.54 g



    Dia. 2.3-1.2*2.5-2.0    2.6 Type Hub      
  Aries384 : 5.55 g





Some Words from Rider

"Yesterday I changed my rear wheel after 5000 km/two years
           --- Brand name road racing hub 20 holes,

           --- Brand name high end rim, 

           --- CN Aero424 spoke

Conditions: all weather, rough tracks, road (in winter saltwater)
Hub flange: big crack, almost broken
Rim w/eyelets: hairline cracks at the non drive side spoke holes, long cracks at the drive side spoke holes, almost torn out spokes
Spokes: no visible damages at all"
The Triathlete's Words:

"CN Spoke is company that knows importance of high quality spokes. The spoke connects rim and hub, so it has same importance of quality like hub or rim. Spokes that CN spokes makes are made with good quality materials, and after production spoke has high characteristics for a long time. Company has founded in early 1970's and for this great period they established production of on high level. They are using certificated standards in they production, so safety is guarantied. You can check their products on and you can get all info from Mr. Andrew Chu

From the huge production line of spokes I decided to use their new model Aries black, aero, spoke. This is their new model, and I'm very satisfied with it. When I got spokes from my sponsor I wasn't able to notice difference between CN spoke and some other spoke, but when I assemble them on my wheels, that was other story. The spoke gives a lot comfort but in the same time wheel is in perfect center. You can put all force you have, even in sprinting situation and the wheel is always in the same position. Also you can change some characteristics of your wheels with changing tensions of spokes. I recommend you to check Mr. Andrew Chu before you complete your wheels with CN spokes, and you will have great support from him and best setup for your wheels.

Check the boot of CN spoke on some bike show and you will meet very pleasant stuff and you will see what is good customer service. Beside that CN spoke has the best industrial design in field of bike spokes, you will also notice very easy their packages and their boot. Quality is on the side of CN Spoke."